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Hi Friends! My name is Bob Algard, I am a partner and the CEO of Solid Rock Training.

Solid Rock Training is a micro gym located in Norman, Oklahoma a suburb of Oklahoma City.

Why is that important for you to know?

Because the work my team and I do happens to take place in one of the Top 5 Unhealthiest States in the U.S. the great state of Oklahoma.

The State of Oklahoma is at the top of charts for obesity, heart disease, cancer, and chronic pain!

And the data says that people’s overall health is getting worse. Now, some people will argue that the overall lifespan of people is increasing and that people suffering from these conditions are receiving better care, which, I agree is true.

But, our current healthcare system is set up just for management protocols.

It is not a solution based for turning the tides towards proactive solutions.

It’s simply a reactive form of treatment.

Let’s get real for a minute because that’s NOT good enough.

Why not take a proactive approach to healthcare that will lower costs, get people out of pain, and kick sedentary health issues in the face before they ever become a problem?

So I asked my friends, family and business associates one simple question.

How do you start a movement that inspires people to live healthier happier lives?

The answer I came up with was simple.


Which is where Solid Rock Training now comes in to play. My business partner, Derek Geiges, and I firmly believe that the Future of Fitness and Healthcare need to be solidly integrated. This is why we are partnering with companies like Precision Nutrition and Active Life to offer a functional fitness systems to the marketplace.

Precision Nutrition is a leading habit based nutrition coaching company. The work they do is second to none. They are helping everyday people and athletes make well informed choices about nourishment while educating coaches how to teach 12 simple habits that are life changing. Learn more at

Active Life is a leader in human movement education and personal training that helps everyday people and athletes get out of pain and stay out of pain. Active Life’s approach to movement creates a life changing relationship between the client, coach and gym. Learn more at

At Solid Rock Training we offer pain-free functional strength and cardiovascular Group Personal Training and Personal Training. Our intention is to inspire people to live healthier happier lives by training for what matters. The Solid Rock way is specifically for moms, dads, professionals and first responders who want to live a pain-free active lifestyle.

Micro gyms are the future of fitness and proactive healthcare.

How do you see the future of fitness and healthcare aligning?