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We believe that everyone needs a fitness coach just like everyone needs a doctor, dentist, lawyer, etc… At Solid Rock Training we believe a coach is a modern day healthcare provider. A coach at Solid Rock Training is an expert and extremely knowledgable about functional strength and cardiovascular training. These two modalities of training are crucial if you want to take a pro-active approach to your health. To keep it simple we believe a coach should inspire you to live a healthier and happier life!

A coaches #1 job is to create a safe training environment that keeps everyone injury free. We believe a coach should be militant about form and OCD about biomechanics.  If it ain’t safe, it ain’t happening. We coach in a way that feels personal, and makes the person in front of us feel like the only one in the class. We know their name, we know their goals and we show them the love every time they come in.

You need a coach who is knowledgeable about functional strength training and who has a sound background in biomechanics. Biomechanics are the process of muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments working together to produce movement. By having a sound understanding in biomechanics a coach can keep you injury free and on track to achieving your goals.

A coach is knowledgable about cardiovascular training (aerobic training) and the benefits it has on the human body. Cardiovascular training increases muscular endurance by improving the performance of the lungs and heart. This allows the body to distribute oxygen to muscles more efficiently. When a coach is sound in these principals and the best way to train these modalities they can lead you to living a longer and healthier life.

When you hire the right fitness coach you’ll visit your doctor less, experience decreased health care costs, and live a more fulfilling life. We know this because great fitness coaches inspire their clients to build and sustain habits that support a healthy lifestyle. Thus increasing the happiness one can experience over the course of their lifetime.

How awesome would it be if you could live an extra 5-10 years pain free and enjoy an active lifestyle into your 70s & 80s?

If you said, “that’d be awesome” then you are like most people. It is best to start your proactive healthcare journey early. It is never to late to start but it’s much easier to build habits while you are younger. That’s why so many are choosing Solid Rock Training as their go to place for their fitness needs!