4 Secret Tips To Have The Best Workout Anywhere

Is your workout routine starting to get stale? Chances are if you have been disciplined and consistent with putting in the work you will start getting bored. The good news is you don’t have to be. At Solid Rock Training we encourage busy people to break up their routine and keep fitness fun. After all if your workouts are boring chances are you won’t want to do them. That’s why every one of our workouts are completely different. Yep, it’s never the same thing twice!

We want to encourage you to mix it up by spicing up your normal routine. That doesn’t mean you need to altogether scrap your routine and completely change everything. You should try a different exercise, Warm Up or cool down every once in a while. In our case, we have a different exercises everyday to keep it fun and fresh, but that just the way our clients like it!


1. Change your Warm Up routine at least once per month.
2. Allow yourself to have fun during next workout (maybe create a little personalize competition in your workout to see if you do X amount of squats with perfect form).
3. Bring a buddy to sweat with you so you have someone to help push you past your comfort zone.
4. Change your cool down routine to focus on stretching the major muscle groups you specifically worked on during your workout.
Bonus: Come try a one week trial at Solid Rock Training today and break up your routine!